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MERP Haunted Ruins of Dunlendings

MERP Ghost Warriors

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - 8100's through 8300's

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Shown Left Top: Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 8101
32 pages, 2 pages of B/W maps
Sixteen merchants have died on the treacherous road between the towns of Cabed Angren and Sarn Erech. Forlong, a wealthy landowner, believes that bandits are behind the killings and has offered a rich reward for their extermination. Are you cunning enough to unravel the mystery surrounding The Lonely Tower? Setmaenen, an abandoned calendar-temple of the ancient Daen Coentis, harbors a king's fortune in jewels and treasures. But the holy place is protected by powerful wards and traps, guarded by ghosts, and tainted by a cursed artifact of the Dark Lord. Can you defeat the supernatural forces that lurk among The Seven Stones? Only Tarien, Lady of a wealthy Dúnadan family, escaped with her infant grandson when Dunnish warriors attacked her rural home. Her son, Derovin, was captured and taken to the haunted butte called Hogo Tarosvan. The Lady seeks revenge and the safe return of her son. Have you courage enough to search beyond The Phantom Doors? Peril lurks among the Dunnish ruins, but glory and wealth follow danger in these 3 exciting adventures!

Shown Left Bottom: Ghost Warriors
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 8106
48 pages
Dunland, or Dunfearan, as the region is called by its inhabitants, lies among the rugged western foothills of the southern Misty Mountains. The Great Plague swept these highlands in T.A. 1636, but now a worse evil scourges the Dunmen. Ghost Warriors roam by night, taking captives to swell their Undead ranks. The key to their defeat lies beyond Riddle Caves, the mysterious entrance to a dark labyrinth that twists through the roots of the mountains. Ghost Warrioirs includes: 11" x 17" full color map depicting the terrain of Dunland. 3 exciting adventures involving a clash with Dunnish Wights, a battle against a powerful shaman, and a risky venture into the Under–deeps that sprawl beneath the mountains. Detailed layouts of adventures sites including the Riddle Caves, the Path of Riddles, and the Ghost–caves. Game statistics of the Beasts, Undead, and NPCs that dwell in the hills of Dunfearan. Random cavern generation system provided for travel through the Under–deeps,the vast network of caverns that twists below the surface of Endor.


Middle-Earth Role Playing
MERP#: 8100
It includes the rulesbook, 16-playing surfaces for the sample adventure in the rulesbook and an uncut sheet of color counters.

MERP Phantom of Northern Marches Phantom of the Northern Marches
MERP#: 8102
Author : Graham Staplehurst  
32 pages
ISBN: 0915795477
Three low–to–mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes. A simple tree house sits in the shadow of the peak called Pen–Drebi. Inside, a horrible revenge is being planned against the sleepy village of Nothva Raglaw. Can you face the menace of The Phantom of the Woods? An intruder from the Ettenmoors haunts a cave in the Witbeamwyd. Farmers report missing livestock. At night the earth trembles with heavy thuds, and daylight reveals huge, yard–long footprints. Is it a monstrous Troll? Is is a ghost? Can you solve The Riddle of the Ridorth? A huge firedrake has crawled out of the shadows of the northern Misty Mountains. His path of fiery destruction leads to the Witbeamwyd and the town hall where he lies unchallenged. Can you match the massive strength and hot breath of Gerse's Bane?

MERP Trolls of Misty Mountains MERP Trolls of Misty Mountains Trolls of the Misty Mountains; Rolemaster
Iron Crown Enterprises
MERP#: 8103
ISBN: 0915795493
32 pages
This adventure module contains three low-to-mid level adventures set in the desolate lands of Rhudaur, hard up against the wild Misty Mountains in the last years of the North-kingdom. Three low-to-mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes. The southern edge of the East-wood is no longer peaceful. Marauding Trolls have brought unrelenting terror to the area. A small community of Dwarves has been wiped out ... eaten. Are you stalwart enough to face the intruders in the Adventure at Duildin Hill? Two border keeps sit isolated in this area of the East-wood. The proposed path between these strongholds passes through Orc and Troll infested territory. Can you survive the Adventures at the Village of Garkash? Well concealed within the East-wood lies a dangerous gorge. Rumors have placed an ancient and powerful artifact within this pit. Many have preceded you in search of the heirloom. Will you risk the Adventure of Maes Fao?

MERP Pirates of Pelargir MERP Pirates of Pelargir Pirates of Pelargir
MERP#: 8104
Three low–to–mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes. At an Inn called the Tipsy Triton you listen intently as a sea captain tells of pirate raids off the Red Cliff Coast. He needs strong–hearted mates to sign on for the voyage. Dare you sail with the master of The Lady Gilwen? Pirate raids have pushed the local merchants to their limit. A reward is offered for the discovery of the Laughing Raider's hiding place. Will you take up the Search for the Raider's Harbor? The fair Dorien is being held captive by blood–thirsty pirates. She will soon be sold into slavery. Who will stage a raid into the pirate's stronghold to rescue her? The risks are great, but so are the rewards in these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Gates of Mordor Gates of Mordor
MERP#: 8105
A shipment of wine and ale has disappeared in North Ithilien. Firichal, a wealthy wine merchant has offered a reward for information and assistance. Are you brave enough to follow the Trail of the Wine Bandits? The tower of Barad Perras once withstood the efforts of besieging Orcs. Years later it was abandoned and forgotten... Recently, however, a band of Scara–hai Orcs has claimed the tower as a base from which to terrorize the area. Are you willing to face The Trouble at Littlehorn? The people in Minas Tirith speak of a strange band of Orcs and their sorcerous leader Gaurhir. These Scara–hai have been bred for very special plans, plans about to come to their gruesome fruition. Do you have the courage to face The Master of Durthang? Danger is everywhere, but so are the rewards in these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Assassins of Dol Amroth MERP Assassins of Dol Amroth Assassins of Dol Amroth
MERP#: 8106
32 pages
A knight of great renown is slain on the quays of Dol Amroth before your eyes. His attacker, a tall man cloaked in grey, flees into the abandoned warehouse at his back. Are you bold enough to avenge the Murder on the Docks? Mysterious, grey-cloaked bandits chase you through country lanes to the gates of a deserted manor house. But is it deserted? A ghostly warrior with a pack of hounds and an ancient saber paces the cobwebbed halls. Can you survive the dangers of A Home by the Sea? A raid on Dol Amroth's Castle Quarter costs a titled courtier his life - despite two strong bodyguards. The city's nobles want the killers in grey captured and brought to justice. Will you brave their stronghold upon the eerie Hill of Shades? Death lurks in every shadow, but fame and fortune follow peril in these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Woses of Black Wood MERP Woses of Black Wood Woses of the Black Wood
MERP#: 8107
32 pages
Over the years, the people of Bor Leath have experienced perils that would daunt the hardiest. Now, a new terror walks the night. Can you put a stop to The Haunting of Bor Leath? Ten miles to the north of Bor Leath lies the home of Coel, the herb mistress. She has befriended the local animals who shield her from the dangers of the Black Wood. What will you encounter in the Adventures Around the Cabden? The Woses make good use of the extensive grottos that delve deep into the Bare Hills. They carefully guard the halls and treasures, reminders of past prosperity. Are you willing to face the Darkwood Woses? The promise of riches calls, but danger walks throughout these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Raiders of Cardolan Raiders of Cardolan
MERP#: 8108
32 pages
From the heart of the Black Wood, the false Cennaigh plots rebellion - but he and his allies have had a falling out. The time is ripe to collect the reward on his head. Are you brave enough to face an Encounter at Traith-chefudoc? Pirates from the south sail from a hidden harbor on the Dark Cape coast. Loot, lives, and a ship are at stake. Do you dare challenge The Sea-raiders at Minas Thonfalon? The remnants of the ancient Petty-dwarf race haunt the Black Wood. Their involvement in dark schemes may embroil the entire region. Are you willing to venture Into the Meur Tol? Face the dangers of Beffraen, Petty-dwarves, and Undead as you seek the Raiders of Cardolan in these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Ghosts of Southern Anduin Ghosts of the Southern Anduin
MERP#: 8109
32 pages
Four low–to–mid level adventures which each stand on their own and can be set up in minutes. Bar–en–Tinnen is a sleepy little town on the banks of the mighty Anduin river. But now the complacent inhabitants must keep their eyes open. A ghost haunts the river on foggy nights; the wise bar their doors at sundown. Can you unlock the mystery of The Ghost on the River? The haunted riverfront is not the most terrifying of recent events. A young lad, panic stricken, dripping wet, and shivering, collapses on the doorstep of the Fen Worm's Fire Inn, a broken arrow shaft protruding from his left arm. Will you help defeat his enemies in The Survivor? The tailor's son disappears after encountering the river ghost and telling the story far and wide. Will you face the darkest evil to search for the young man in The Edain–in–Arthedur? Despite plentiful rainfall, the trees and crops are withering. A supernatural blight has struck the land. Are you resourceful enough to combat The Shadow on the Banks? Confront bandits, undead, evil priests, and minions of Sauron as you hunt the Ghosts of the Southern Anduin in these four exciting adventures!

MERP Perils on Sea of Rhun Perils on the Sea of Rhun
MERP#: 8110
The renowned vessel, Ocean Noise is embarking on her last run of the season across the Sea of Rhűn. The captain has hired three new crew members for his aging ship. All are well–seasoned, but the winter is fierce, and evil is in the wind. Will you be aboard to witness a Murder on the High Seas? A kidnapper abducts Princess Herufara and sails to a ruined tower above the cliffs of a treacherous shore. The Ocean Noise pursues the villains, but can drop anchor for only a day. At next tide, the captain must abandon the chase and continue his voyage. Are you daring enough To Rescue A Princess? A Court Adept is tormented by dark visions off ill–doing, and departs the palace in search of their meaning – but his found brutally murdered! The Realm–master sends adventures and a princess on the Ocean Noise to consult the mages at an ancient tower. On this long, cold journey to a desolate shore, can you uncover the secret of The Watch Tower Massacre? Face assassins, the Cult of the Long Night, and Sauron's minions as you brave the Perils on the Sea of Rhűn in these 3 exciting adventures!

MERP Denizens of Dark Wood Denizens of the Dark Wood
MERP#: 8111
32 pages
Will you accompany Grimbold into the forest to waylay the treasure before it enters the Necromancer's citadel in The Tithing Train? Combat Giant Spiders, Trolls, and the Orcs of Fhahoz-Blogrum when you attack the Denizens of the Dark Wood in these three exciting adventures

MERP Hazards of Harad Wood MERP Hazards of Harad Wood Hazards of the Harad Wood
MERP#: 8112
32 pages
Secrets lurk within Far Harad's Vale of Tears, mysteries that remain hidden for centuries. For the rural folk who dwell in the scrublands at the forest's edge, these enigmas can spell misfortune...or disaster. The lush beauty of Suza Sumar unveils forgotten horrors all too often. Inexplicable floating points of luminescence plague the village of Avashar. Can you discover the secret behind The Lights of Avashar? Barthanan, a shepherd dwelling in the Scrublands, is losing sheep from his flock. No predators or signs of a struggle have been spotted. Can you solve the mystery of The Disappearing Flock? Janir, a trapper who frequents the Suza Sumar, falls victim to nightmares after stumbling across a ruined keep. Will you risk insanity to stop a Demon's triumph in The Terror in the Jungle? Manari Akajhi, a young scholar, is tracing his family's lineage in search of a suitable resting place for his dead father. Unfortunately, his newly discovered heritage has drawn the powerful Storm King's attention. Will you oppose the Nazgûl to prevent his capture in The Eyes of the Dragon? Confront Wild Men, Baricha, Demons, and Desert Screamers when you face the Hazards of the Harad Wood in these four exciting adventures.

MERP Necromancers Lieutenant The Necromancer's Lieutenant
MERP#: 8113
Mirkwood, the mighty forest once named Greenwood the Great, extends east from the banks of the Anduin River to the vast plains of Rhovanion.  In days of old, Elves made merry in its tree-ringed glades, accompanied by the music of chuckling brooks and trilling songbirds.  The advet of the Necromancer has changed the forest's character.  Its shadows are darker, and Giant Spiders lurk in their depths, while Orcs powl the trails that windthrough Mirkwood's increasingly dank undergrowth.

MERP River Running River Running
MERP#: 8114

MERP Weathertop Tower of Wind Fortresses of Middle-Earth Weathertop, Tower of the Wind - Fortresses of Middle-Earth
MERP#: 8201
The citadel that crowns Weathertop (S. Amon Sul) is the struggle between Arnor's three successors kingdoms:Arthedian, Cardolan, and Rhudaur.  Built by the faithful Numenorean exiled lead by Elendil the Tall in the late Second Age, it rises from the heart of Dunedain's Northern Kingom.  The royal tower houses the Chief Palantir (seeing stone) of the North and serves as the principal home of Arnor's High Seer. Few fotresses hold such significance; for its size and strenght, Amon Sul is unsurpassed by any other work of the northern Dunedain. Even the Witch-king of Angmar looks to the Tower of Amom Sul as a great prize, a preeminet symbol of Dunedain spirit.
WEATHERTOP feature: Over 20 pages of layouts, perspectives, and illustrations Complete, multi-level layouts for 13 towers and bastions of the outer works. Detailed layouts for all levels of the tower, Amon Sul.

MERP Teeth of Mordor Fortresses of Middle-Earth MERP Teeth of Mordor Fortresses of Middle-Earth Teeth of Mordor - Fortresses of Middle-Earth
MERP#: 8202
32 pages
Two of the most fearsome towers in all of Middle–earth, the Teeth of Mordor guard the entrance to Mordor, land of Sauron. The fortresses were erected by Gondor to prevent evil creatures from returning to the Black Land. After the Great Plague, it was repopulated by the very Orcs and Trolls it was designed to forbid. Nearly two hundred feet tall, the Teeth are known individually as Carchost (s. "Fang–fort") and Narchost (s. "Fire–fort"). These towers and their connecting rampart commands the gap between the Mountains of Ash and the Mountains of Shadow. Chiseled of smooth and glassy slag, they erupt from the tortured plain like huge ebony jaws poised to close upon the foolish intruder.
TEETH OF MORDOR features: Over 20 pages of layouts, perspectives, and illustrations. Complete, multi–level layouts for Carchost, Narchost, and the central gate complex. Garrison data for both Gondorian and Sauronic forces. Stats and background for the Mouth of Sauron and Dwar of Waw, Nazgul commander of the Morannon.

MERP Calenhad Beacon of Gondor MERP Calenhad Beacon of Gondor Calenhad: A Beacon of Gondor
MERP#: 8203
48 pages
Located in the northern foothills of the Ered Nimrais, Calenhad is one in a chain of seven beacon–towers. Its watch–fire relays warning to Minas Tirith of any attack on Gondor's frontiers. Whether a Dunlending invasion from the west, an Orcish raid across the Anduin, or civil strife within Calenardhon, the tower's beacon is set ablaze. Calenhad's elevated site on steep cliffs originally sported just a rude signal–platform. The structure;s fire–cage, when set alight, warned nearby Gondorian settlements of incursions by Dunnish tribes. Centuries later, when Easterlings raided across the Anduin, a more formidable tower weas constructed over the platform's ruins, As the Shadow in Mordor grew, the tower was expanded and strengthened to become a fortress of considerable military significance.
CALENHAD features: Over 20 pages of layouts, illustrations, and perspectives. Complete, multi–level floorplans for 4 guard–towers, the gatehouse, and the impressive beacon–tower. Typical layouts for watch–towers on the outer curtain wall and the wall–towers overlooking the inner bailey. Room by room descriptions and adventure suggestions. Statistics for the garrison of Calenhad and important NPCs residing in the beacon's vicinity.

MERP Halls of Elven-King Fortresses of Middle-Earth Halls of the Elven-King: Fortresses of Middle-Earth
MERP#: 8204
UPC: 010599006000
The palatial Halls of the Elven-King cut deep into a hill in Northeastern Mirkwood. Facing Southward, the main doors of this wondrous delving look onto a stone bridge that spans the swift-flowing Forest River. This strategic crossing joins the great Woodland Realm ruled by King Thranduil to the north with the haunted woods to the south. Besides guarding the bridge, the fortified subterranean palace serves as both capital to the Wood-Elves and gateway into Northern Mirkwood. Here the Elven-King greets the rare travelers who journey westward. Few sojourn beyond the Halls, however, for the Woodland Realm remains an enchanted land shrouded in mystery and threatened by the dark forces spawned by the Lord of the Rings.
HALLS OF THE ELVEN-KING features: Over 20 pages of layouts, perspectives, and illustrations. A complete cutaway view of the Elven-King's underground city. Room by room descriptions and adventure suggestions. Background and stats for Thranduil, Legolas, and the Elven garrison.

MERP Nazguls Citadel MERP Nazguls Citadel Nazgul's Citadel
MERP#: 8205
112 pages
Near the source of the Sîresha in Greater Harad stands a hollow mountain – Ny Chennacatt. It is sculpted to resemble a Dragon's head and houses the army of Akhôrahil, the Ringwraith. Composed of disciplined Haradan warriors and ferocious Orcs, the hosts are poised to hold all the lands south of Mordor under their sway. The Nazgul plots to render this vast fief up to the Dark Lord's sovereignty.

MERP Cities of Middle-Earth Minas Tirith Cities of Middle-Earth: Minas Tirith
MERP#: 8301
Minas Tirith, the Guarded City, rises from the base of Mount Mindolluin. Capital of Gondor, it is the preeminent symbol of the struggle against Sauron of Mordor. No other city in western Middle-earth offers greater hope for the defense of the Free Peoples. Minas Tirith commands the wide gap between the White Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow that encircle the Dark Lord's homeland. Its seven walls and seven levels seem to grow out of the stone, as if carved by Giants. Each tier of the Royal City wraps around the rock and looms above the surrounding quarter, its ramparts glimmering white with each sunrise. High atop the capital, on the uppermost level, the Tower of Ecthelion reaches skyward like a pearl-and-crystal spire. Amidst the storm spawned by the Lord of the Rings, this citadel is the last hold in Minas Tirith, an unparalleled bastion in an ominous time.
MINAS TIRITH includes: A double sided 16" x 20" full-color mapsheet; 40 pages of floorplans and layouts; Detailed descriptions of key locations in the city; Complete overviews of Minas Tirith's seven levels, the Pelennor, and the port of Harlond; Descriptions of Boromir, Faramir, Denethor, and other famous figures

MERP Minas Ithil Minas Ithil
MERP#: 8302
121 pages and 2-part map
Fountains and gardens line the broad avenues of Minas Ithel - the marble city where poets, scholars, and artists rival the craftsmen, shopkeepers, and clerks in both numbers and influence. Admired by all Gondorians as the pinnacle of beauty and wisdom, Minas Ithel was founded in the Second Age. She has weathered the centuries well, but the Great Plague tarnished the image of perfection. Her back streets are rutted and dirty, and thieves lurk in their deepening shadows. Yet the lofty spire of the Tower of the Moon still brings hope and pride to Ithiliean hearts, reminding all of its Seeing-stone, the source of the city's spirit.
MINAS ITHIL features: 34" x 22" full-color map in two parts, depicting the city of Minas Ithil. 30 pages of floor plans, layouts, and perspectives. Detailed descriptions of the key structures and sites of Minas Ithil, including the inspiring Tower of the Moon and the fabulous guard-fortress Tirithos, as well as many lesser buildings such as taverns, residences, shops, and adventure locations. 3 challenging adventures in the City of the Rising Moon, including a bureaucratic wrangle with the guardians of the palantír, a murderous mystery in the Quarter of Wells, and a hypnotic encounter with the insidious Spider Cult. In-depth information on the politics, trade, military, history, and culture of Minas Ithil. Statistics and background information for the city's prominent leaders, including Queen Mírien of Gondor, the Stone-warden, and the Steward.