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MERP Rangers of North Kingdom of Arthedain

MERP Rangers of North Kingdom of Arthedain

MERP Riders of Rohan

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - 3000's Series

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Shown Left Top (2 Photos): Rangers of the North - The Kingdom of Arthedain
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 3000
56 pages with 8 pages of color maps
Features details of the northern kingdom of the Dunedain
The Kingdom of Arthedain This package details all of the Northern Kingdom of the Dunedain and includes: 9 layouts including villages & the Evil Seer's stronghold 4 full-color maps depicting Fornost, Annuminas, the Shire and the Northern Frontier a complete description of the Palantiri complete stats for Aragorn the Ranger, Gandalf the Wizard, and many important Hobbits adventure near the Witch-King's western border search for the lost Palantiri in the frozen waste of Forochel Cradled between the mighty Misty Mountains and the Blue, Arthedain is home to the faithful of fallen Numenor, once inhabited by the highest of men. Renowned seers gather at the Royal Court in Fornost to contemplate the obscure visions of the Palantir. To the east the Witch-King of Angmar is poised like a hungry wolf, anxious to devour the last remaining Dunedain Kingdom. Against this threat stand a few whose noble heritage is obscured by the course clothing of the frontier. A secretive, wandering people are these Rangers; woodwise as Elves. Tutored by the Wizard Gandalf, and using birds and beasts as their agents, they guard and protect the eastern borders against the forces of Darkness.

Shown Left Bottom: Riders of Rohan
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 3100
Ride with the Rohirrim as they struggle against the hordes of Easterlings and the Orcs of the White Hand. This package covers the Riders of Rohan during 3 separate periods: their existence on the Rhovanion plain before the war with the wainriders their life in the vales of the Anduin and the war against Scatha the Drake, and their settlement in Rohan includes layouts for Helm's Deep, Edoras, Dunharrow, and Harrowdale information on Vidugavia, Frumgar, Fram the Dragon–slayer, Wormtongue, Helm, Theoden, Eomer, and Eowyn almost everything about the Northmen changed with their acquisition of horses: their hunting methods, their religious focus, their relations with other Men – Men who did not possess horses. Their attitude to the Dark Lord, however, remained unchanged. They despised him and his creations, and all evil Men who worshipped darkness ... and they still distrusted magic and magicians, no matter what side they claimed to be on.
RIDERS OF ROHAN includes: 6 full-color pages: a 2 page map of the Hornburg area, plus maps of Framsburg, the Drúadan Forest, Edoras, and a regional map of Rohan. Major Layouts: of Buhr Marling (a fortified Horse–lord village), Ilanin (a wain village), The Hornburg, The Juggler's Hall, The Signal–tower, and The Inn of Greys. The riders: an overview of the Northmen Horse–lords through the Third Age into the early years of the Fourth Age. Other inhabitants: The Dunlendings, Half–orcs, The Servants of the White Hand, and the Drúedain.
NOTE: The 2nd Edition (1987) includes a new full–color regional map.


MERP Mount Gundabad MERP Mount Gundabad Mount Gundabad; softcover supplemental
MERP#: 3110
Prowl the dark, twisting, and horror–filled passages of Mount Gundabad. A site of great strategic significance to both the Witch–king and his master, Sauron, this underground Orc city guards the pass through the northern Misty Mountains. From Gundabad's imposing Drake Gate, the Warlords and their goblin hordes march to battle against the Free Peoples. Prowl the dark, twisting, and horror-filled passages of Mount Gundabad. A site of great strategic significance to both the Witch-ding and his master, Sauron, this underground Orc city guards the pass through the northern Misty Mountains. From Gundabad's imposing Drake Gate, the Warlords and their goblin hordes march to battle against Free Peoples. Explore the grim Halls of the goblin city where Orc-lords struggle for power. Crawling with soliders, captured slaves and monsters from the mysterious Underdeeps, Mount Gundabad's caverns seethe danger and adventure.
MOUNT GUNDABAD includes: 11" x 17" full-color map depicting the region. A cross section of the Fortress city. Detailed layouts of the Spires of Gundabad and the Drake Gate and comprehensive route maps of the Pits, the Mines, and the Fungi Caves. Detailed information on Orcs, Men, the chambers,passages, treasures, politics, and warcraft found in the undergroung fortress. Stats and background information for key figures like the Lord of the North, the Goblin-king that rules all the Orcs tribes in the Grey and Misty Mountains.

MERP Greater Harad Greater Harad
MERP#: 3111
80 pages with 8 color maps
South and east of the burning sands of Far Harad lie the cities of Sirayn. They command the thriving trade routes of Greater Harad, a fertile riverine domain tucked between the harsh desert and the daunting spires of the Yellow Mountains. Dynaisties come and go in this vast cosmopolitan oasis. Amidst mercantile rivalries, a new terror confronts the Haradrim. Akhorahil the Ringwraith - the awful Storm King - plots conquest of Greater Harad.

MERP Gorgoroth MERP Gorgoroth Gorgoroth
Iron Crown Enterprises
MERP#: 3112
Middle-Earth Campaign with Color Map.
GORGOROTH includes: 11" x 17" Full-Color Map depicting the plateau of Forsooth; Full-Color City Maps ( on the reverse of the terrain map)showing Stirreth, the City of Death where new recruits to the Dark Lord's forces are indoctrinated, and Bar Lith, a Gendering mining town on the northern slopes of the Ash mountains; 4 Chilling Adventures on the foothills of the Ash Mountains that provide the daring with an unexpected introduction to Mordor; Detailed Layouts of Mount Doom, Carach Angren, and other significant fortresses under the Lidless Eye; In-Depth Information on the military heirarchy of Mordor and its prominent leaders; Stats & Background Information for all Nine Ringwraiths, as well as the heinous Lords of Mordor who implement the schemes devised by the Lllairi.
For thousands of years, the Men of the West stood guard over the Black Land, ever vigilant to prevent the return of Staurion's might. The Great Plague has broken that Watch, and evil stirs east of the Mountains of Shadow. Torchlight glares from the arrow slits of once-abandoned citadels, and smoke unfurls from Urorubin's long quite summit. Foul beasts move by night through cracks in the broken surface of Forsooth's volcanic plateau.

MERP Grey Mountains The Grey Mountains
MERP#: 3113
144 pages with 4 pages of color maps and 4 pages of B/W maps

MERP Lorien and Halls of Elven Smiths MERP Lorien and Halls of Elven Smiths Lorien & the Halls of the Elven Smiths
MERP#: 3200
ISBN: 0915795426
64 pages of adventure with 8 full color map pages
The reasons why one Elven kingdom survived to see the dawn of the Fourth Age and why one fell to the Dark Lord over four thousand years earlier are myriad... All the while Lórien, though nearer to the Black Land, lay shrouded and quiet, its mistress too strong to be overcome by the devices of the wraith-prince in Dol Guldur, and too clever to become a target for the Dark Lord himself.
LÓRIEN contains: 8 full color pages: Campaign across the perilous Misty Mountains on 4 Regional Maps or delve into intrigue in 3 great cities. 12 Major Layouts: Explore Citadels, Manors, Ruins, and of course the Halls of the Jewel Smiths, each an ideal adventure site laden with traps and treasure. Elven History and Background: Learn about the lore and nature of Elves, with the extensive material on the noble Noldor, proud Sindar, and mystical Silvan lines. The 3 Rings of Power: Read about three of Middle-earth's greatest magic items, the story of the making of the Rings, and a complete description of Nenya, the Water-ring."

MERP Havens of Gondor Land of Belfalas MERP Havens of Gondor Land of Belfalas Havens of Gondor - Land of Belfalas
MERP#: 3300
UPC: 010599012001
56 pages with 5 pages of color maps, 5 pages of B/W maps
Sail the rugged seas off Gondor's south coast, where Corsairs of Umbar battle the majestic white ships of Dol Amroth. Here, the Elves built the great haven of Edhellond and Galadriel erected the Sea–ward Tower, most famous beacon of all Middle–earth. Journey along the twisting streets of Dol Amroth, City of Princes, and bustling capitol of Belfalas. EXPLORE: DOL AMROTH, one of Gondor's finest ports. EDHELLOND, the Elfhaven, home of tunnel-harbours and magic Swan-ships. LINHIR, the gateway to central Gondor. BELFALAS, the province of the Princes. Set against the backdrop of wild coastal highlands, cliff-lined bays, and eerie islets, HAVENS OF GONDOR offers unparalleled excitement! Unravel the intrigue of the court of Dol Amroth, discover the mysteries of of the Elfhaven, battle smugglers and Corsairs, feel the power of the dark religion over the remote mountain villages.
HAVENS OF GONDOR includes: 5 Full-Color Pages: a beautiful 2 page area map of the Belfalas region of Southern Gondor; a full-page regional map; and a 2-page map of Dol Amroth, City of the White Ships. Major Layouts: include 2 maps of the Elf-havens, the port of Linhir, a dangerous mountain village, a sea-ward tower, the Hill of the Pyre, Castle Amrûnaur, plus 2 pages of ship deck plans. The Princes of Dol Amroth: knights whose Elf-tinged blood and unwavering loyalty make them Gondor's greatest vassals. The Corsairs of Umbar: pirates whose sleek warships threaten the mightiest of Gondor's castles.

MERP Sea Lords of Gondor Pelargir and Lebennin MERP Sea Lords of Gondor Pelargir and Lebennin Sea-Lords of Gondor; Pelargir and Lebennin
MERP#: 3400
ISBN: 0915795884
This adventure module contains details on the history, peoples, and challenges of the districts surrounding the Mouths of Anduin, the center of Gondor's sea power. "Challenge Pirates and Haradrim as you sail across the Bay of Belfalas. Journey to Lebennin, the "Place of Five Waters", the province in the heart of Gondor. Weigh anchor in Pelargir, jewel of the mighty Anduin river. Now home to the Royal Fleet, it is the finest port in the Kingdom, and the principal focus of the struggle against the Haradan privateers and the Corsairs of Umbar. Meet the Sea-Lords and Explore: Pelagir, port city of the Faithful, Tolfalas, the beautiful isle of fire, Lebennin, the Province of the Five Rivers, The Mouths of the Anduin, the eerie delta on the Bay of Belfalas. In Pelargir the Faithful of Numenor built their new homes, and in this magnificent harbor Castimir the Usurper became Lord of the Corsairs during the bloody Kin-strife. Here, Aragorn seized the Black Fleet which turned the tide at the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
SEA-LORDS OF GONDOR includes: 8 Full-Color Pages: a beautiful 4 page city map of Pelargir, and 4 pages of regional maps. Major Layouts: the towns and citadels of Lebennin, the watch-towers of Tolfalas, and the hidden haunts of the Mountain Folk. Corsairs and Sea-Lords: the two adversaries seeking control of the vital sea-lanes of the Bay of Belfalas. Ship Plans: deck views, specifications, and guidelines for sea adventures.

MERP Ents of Fangorn MERP Ents of Fangorn Ents of Fangorn
MERP#: 3500
ISBN: 0915795841
48 pages with 4 pages of color maps and 4 pages of B/W maps
"Welcome to the forest called Fangorn, bordered on the east by the Wold, and on the west by the high peaks of the southern Misty Mountains. Here dwell the Ents, a strange and fascinating race. Slow to anger, and yet fearsome when enraged, these huge tree-like folk are among Middle- earth's most powerful beings. As tree-herds, they nurture and watch over this magical realm. Explore: The Derndingle, site of the Entmoots; Wellinghall, home of Treebeard, leader of the Ents; The Fortress of Tir Limlight. Fangorn is a sheltered land containing an isolated society rooted in an ancient atmosphere. Its eerie environment is well suited to the myriad trees that reside here under the watchful eyes of their Ent guardians. Like the Old Forest of Eriador, Fangorn is a remnant of the forest which once covered Middle-earth.
ENTS OF FANGORN includes: 4 Full-Color Pages: a 2 page spread of Fangorn, the southern Misty Mountains, and Dunland, plus a 1 page view of the area to the east (including the Wold and Dol Guldur region) and a map of Lorien, which lies to the north. Major Layouts: detailed maps of Wellinghall, the Falls of Mist, the Town and Fortress of Tir Limlight, and the Caverns of Pain. The Ents of Fangorn: powerful tree-herds. The Barz Thrugrim: a treacherous band that threatens travels through the Wold.

MERP Dunland and Southern Misty Mountains Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains; softcover supplemental
MERP#: 3600
ISBN: 0-915795-91-4
Cover Price: $12.00
63 pages.
DUNLAND AND THE SOUTHERN MISTY MOUNTAINS includes: 4 full-color pages; a 2 face regional map of Dunland and a 2 face regional map of Eregion and central Cardolan. Major Layouts; including Amon Lind, The Lair of Turukulon, The Caerdh Wood, and the Village of Cillien. The Dunnish Clans; herders, hunters, and warriors feared by their neighbors. Other inhabitants; Giants, Hobbits, Giant Eagles, Servants of Sauron, Noldo Elves, Smuggles, Orcs, and a Dragon.
Dunland and the Southern Misty Mountains focuses on a dramatic and strategic region, the reaches north of the gateway between the wide, cool lands of Eriador and the grassy reaches of Calenardhon (Rohan). Extremely diverse in history, inhabitants, and opportunities, it is an ideal setting for adventuring and exploring. Dunland is the home of the fierce and proud Dunlendings (D. "Daen Lintis"), highland tribes frequently influenced by minions of Sauron and Saruman. Their Daen ancestors experienced similar a similar domination during the late Second Age, and most migrated out of the traditional Dunnish homelands in the vales of the White Mountains (S. "Ered Nimrais"). These Dunmen settled all over eastern Eriador, mingling with older Eriadoran groups, but they retained their unique culture in the western foothills of the southern Misty Mountains (S. "Hithaeglir"). The distinct Dunlendings of this region formed an often loose collection of tribal territories, which became known as Dunland. Dunland (D. "Dunfearan") encompasses the rugged foothills that rise to the north of the Old South Road (S. "Tiar Hariar") joining Tharbad in Cardolan to the markets further east. The highway skirts Dunland's southern border and runs eastward through the wide Isen Gap (S. "Búlith Angren") separating the Misty Mountains to the north from the White Mountains to the south. Later called the Gap of Rohan, this portal from Eriador to Gondor served as the most important pass in western Middle-earth. It was once the dividing line between the lands dominated by the two Dúnadan Kingdoms in Exile - Arnor and Gondor - and it remains a vital link for the Free Peoples of the West. Thus, Dunland's importance remains significant, despite the reduction in traffic along the highway. A turbulent people, the Dunlendings are for the most part herders and hunters who jealously guard their independence and often raid the lands of their kinsmen. Strife is the rule in Dunland, which is just as well, for the neighboring folk fear the unification of the warlike Dunmen. This is particularly true of the Men of Calenardhon (Rohan), the Dunlendings' oldest and most challenging enemies. The inhabitants of southernmost stretch of the Misty Mountains - the Giants, Dragons, Giant Eagles, Ores and other creatures of the wilds - are also affected by the presence of the Dunmen. Although they live at or above the treeline, they invariably focus their attentions to the west rather than the east, for they make their homes along the western side of the range. The Hithaeglir's eastern cliffs of the drop sharply, like sheer fells, making eastward land travel exceedingly hazardous. Access to the upper mountain valleys is provided by trails that originate in Dunland, lending further credence to the old adage that says: "the Daen have no King, no wealth, no capital, and no roads - yet they hold a good claim to yours and mine."

MERP Lost Realm of Cardolan Lost Realm of Cardolan
MERP#: 3700
The Kingdom of Cardolan encompasses all of the lands between the Rivers Brandywine, Greyflood, and Hoarwell. For a time, Cardolan stood at the forefront of resistance to the forces of the Witch-king, mounting campaigns against his Orcs, Trolls, and Easterlings. Those were the days of the Royal Army. Now only mercenaries and adventurers remain to block the advance of Darkness. The conflict rages on, but it is a war of pillaging, burning crops, and inconclusive sieges; war with little honor and no glory. Explore: Tharad, greatest surviving work of the N?rians, Lond Daer Enedh, Aldarion's ancient seaport, Barad Girithlin, mighty tower of the Great Houses of Cardolan. Life is hard and unforgiving for the peoples of Cardolan. For those with ambition and a strong arm it is a time of opportunity. The Princes of Cardolan are always at war, and few mercenary bands ask for references. Sell-swords, noted for low pay and a high mortality rate, fuel the constant strife. For those with a higher purpose in mind, there is always the threat of the Witch-king and his agents. The mightiest of the these is the noxious Warlord whose demise few would lament.
LOST REALM OF CARDOLAN includes: 6 Full-Color Pages: 4 pages of Cardolan regional maps plus a 2 face city map of Tharbad; Major Layouts: complete maps of Lond Daer Enedh during different periods, as well as the towns of Sudarl and Metraith, the fortresses of Argond and Barad Girithlin, and the Palace of Thalion; The Inhabitants: the Dunedain, Eriadorans, the Clansmen of Saralann, the Beffraen, and the Northmen and Hobbits.

MERP Far Harad Scorched Land MERP Far Harad Scorched Land Far Harad: The Scorched Land
MERP#: 3800
56 pages with 4 pages of color maps and pages of B/W maps
Far to the south of the warring realms of Gondor and Mordor, lies an area of harsh winds and blazing sun known to its inhabitants Bozisha-Miraz. It encompasses the lower half of the great desert of Haradwaith, and area labeled Far Harad on the maps of the northern world. Its watering holes and seaports teem with trade and intrigue - its wilds hold ancient mysteries and untold dangers. Though the region is little more than arid highlands, tortured canyons, and a half-score of oases, adventure and high-living await you under the southern sun of Far Harad. Adventurers find Far Harad rich with challenge. In the port city of Dar, hired swords are always in demand. The vast desert looms ominously with its secretive population of Sandmen and natural hardship. Men tell of entire cities swallowed by the Dune Sea. Ghosts and demons are said to walk the shifting land, guarding treasures beyond imagination. All this and more await the brave in the Scorched Land.

MERP Shadow of the South Shadow of the South
MERP#: 3900
This adventure module contains numerous adventures and geographical information on the very southwestern tip of Middle-earth

MERP Mirkwood Wilds of Rhovanion

MERP Mirkwood Wilds of Rhovanion

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - 4000's Series

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Shown Left (2 photos): Mirkwood; Wilds of Rhovanion
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 4010
Follow the Old Forest Road into the heart of Mirkwood and you'll find yourself in deep, dark woods once full of fish and game. How strangely quiet the woods are since Mordor cast its deathly pall across the land. Only the Giant Spiders seem content as they lie in their shadowy lairs. Bordered by the mighty Anduin River to the west and the Grey Mountains to the north, the wilderland includes rugged highlands like the Iron Hills and the ancient Mountains of Mirkwood, as well as famous waterways like the River Running and Long Lake. The Rhovanion plains east of the forest provide fertile farmland and pastures, but are threatened by tribes of Easterlings. Southern Mirkwood is already under the shadow. There, Dol Guldur, the Necromancer's mist enshrouded fortress, stands as the Dark Lord's outpost - from it emanates the stench of evil and blackness of death. Mirkwood is a wilderland as yet untamed by a dominant race or civilization. Here you'll find Thranduil's Wood-elves, rustic Wood men, the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, and the primitive Beornings, as well as many other sub-cultures of Northmen. Hardly hospitable, Mirkwood is a land where careless travellers often fall prey to Wargs, Trolls, Lesser Giants, and Giant Spiders. Adding to its ills, Smaug the Destroyer and his winged cousins have for centuries made their homes in the frozen wastes just to the north. These denizens warily await your arrival, so welcome to Mirkwood, Adventurer! May your sword be quick and your senses keen!

MIRKWOOD includes: 2 giant 16" x 21" full-color maps detailing all of the Mirkwood region; Full-color maps of Dol Guldur, Woodmen-town, and Buhr Ailgra; Major B&W layouts of Dale, Esgaroth on Long Lake, Dol Guldur, Lair of the Seer, the Halls of the Elven-king, and Erebor, the Lonely Mountain; Complete descriptions of the many races inhabiting the region; Descriptions of Radagast, Sauron, and other famous figures.


MERP Northwestern Middle-Earth Gazetteer Northwestern Middle-Earth Gazetteer
Campaign Atlas
MERP#: 4002
"In the prefix to the gazetteer, our author writes: "With the exception of the Red Book of Westmarch, written and preserved by the Hobbits and translated by Professor Tolkien, The Vagabond's Guide is perhaps the best surviving source we have concerning the Third Age of Middle-earth. While the Red Book predominantly contains narrative accounts of the deeds of Hobbits, the Pelrandir Permellon is a much older work from Gondor and is a unique guide to virtually every corner of Northwestern Endor. As its name implies, the text of The Vagabond's Guide addresses the various problems faced by travellers in the years immediately following the Great Plague." If your adventurers are travelling in Middle-earth, let The Vagabond's Guide show them every corner of Tolkien's magnificent creation.
The Gazetteer Features: 22" x 34" Color Map of Northwestern Middle-Earth with a grid for easy location of features described in the gazetteer and assigned map coordinates. 160 Pages which provide GMs and players with critical facts for role playing campaigns from any site in northwestern Endor. Realm descriptions include specifics such as rulers, population, products, and a concise history for all the nations between Angmar and Umbar. Site entries detail origin, purpose, and population for the cities and citadels from the Agarond to Woodmen-town. Features include elevation, area, or length for the rivers, mountains, and plateaus of Endor - from the Adorn to the Withywindle. Trade Routes are covered exhaustively - with mileages and degree of danger specified for each leg of the journey, along with a short summary describing each major road. Theme Maps pinpoint deposits of valuable minerals, the locations of major cities, and the average temperatures for the many regions of NW Endor. Index gives map coordinates for every entry in the gazetteer

MERP Empire of Witch King MERP Empire of Witch King Empire of the Witch King
Rolemaster MERP
MERP#: 4020
128 pages with 8 pages of color maps
A supplement for the Middle Earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth. This supplement covers Angmar, the realm of the Witch-King. Includes a color map supplement. Prepare for a deadly excursion into Angmar's, Witch-realm. Face indescribalbe dangers as you attempt to strike a blow for the free peoples of Middle Earth.

MERP Fellowship of the Ring

MERP Fellowship of the Ring

MERP Fellowship of the Ring

MERP Fellowship of the Ring

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - 7000's Series

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Shown Left (4 photos): The Fellowship of the Ring
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 7100
Contents: The game contains; 21x26 full colored map boards. 22 illustrated playing cards, 65 plastic playing pieces, 40 die cut counters, rulebooks, card displays, charts and tables.


MERP Hobbit Battle of Five Armies The Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies
Iron Crown Enterprises
MERP#: 7200

MERP Riddle of Ring Riddle of the Ring
MERP#: 7400

MERP Darker than Darkness

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - LR Series

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Shown Left: Darker than Darkness
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
"Darker Than The Darkness" is the first sequel to the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. On the downs southeast of Bree, you must defeat a dread foe or face a fate worse than death. Then challenge the Bandit–king who rules the Great East Road.


MERP Over Misty Mountains Cold MERP Over Misty Mountains Cold Over the Misty Mountains Cold
Tolkien Enterprises
80 pages
"Like Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship, you too can now venture into Dwarven ruins as ancient as abandoned Moria. But gird up your sword and ready your shield - the darkness filling the mountain is fraught with peril. Adventure Lurks Ahead! "Over the Misty Mountains Cold" is the second sequel to the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. High among the peaks of the mist-shrouded Hithaeglir, you'll discover the tumbled walls of an old Dwarven stronghold. More than fallen stones await you there - a secret from the past, an ally from the West, and foes who hate the sun and will all sway your destiny. It's Fun! All Lord of the Rings Adventure Game sequels use the same fun and user-friendly storytelling format you mastered in your first adventure "Dawn Comes Early." You'll start playing as soon as you turn the title page! (Remember, you do need the boxed game to play!) The Excitement Goes On! Look for the next sequel adventure when you're ready for more fun. "Before the Goblins" starts where "Over the Misty Mountains Cold" ends, continuing the tale of evil deeds done by a power that lurks under Mirkwood's dark curse. When you're ready for more epic adventuring in J.R.R. Tolkien's world, check your game- or bookstore for the best-selling Middle-earth Role Playing. It's the perfect next step up!"