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MERP - Valar and Maiar

MERP - Valar and Maiar

MERP -  Dol Guldur

MERP -  Dol Guldur

Middle-Earth Role Playing Games - 2000 through 2099

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Shown Left Top (2 photos): Valar & Maiar
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 2006
Imagine, after hearing all the awful legends, finally confronting a dreadful spirit borne out of the great Evil of the Elder Days, and immortal demon stirred from his primeval slumber. Imagine meeting a Balrog. In Valar & Maiar you learn about Balrogs, as well as all the other greater spirits (good and evil) inhabiting J.R.R. Tolkien's marvelous world. These immortal beings, the mighty Ainur, helped shape Middle-earth – the place Elves call Endor. Their story dominates much of the continent's troubled history. Fallen Ainur, Morgoth, Sauron, and the Balrogs, forever haunt the land, twisting Endor's peoples and perverting its politics. Faithful Valar, like Orome and Aule, serve as patrons of the Free Peoples. Wise Maiar, like Gandalf and Tom Bombadil, act as caretakers of the Balance of Things. Each has a place in Eru's scheme, and each has a story that colors the grand saga of Middle–earth. Overviews describing the general nature and history of all the "Holy Ones," the immortal Ainur, including the fallen spirits known as the Great Enemies. Valar, or "Powers," the high guardians of the world. Maiar, or "Hands," the immortal servants of the Valar. Wizards – the five Maia emissaries sent to Middle-earth in the Third Age. Fallen Ainur *Ungoliant. Complete character statistics.

Shown Left Bottom (2 photos): Dol Guldur; softcover supplement
Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)
MERP#: 2014
224  pages
Dol Guldur documents the history, design, layout, garrison, and inhabitants of the Hill of Sorcery, the volcanic stronghold in Mirkwood. The cinder cone looms over a vale strangely quiet and barren amidst the forest. No birds fly across the Nan Lanc, the Naked Valley, and thistles and briars comprise its vegetation. Within the mountain, intricate pits and chambers tunnel deep into the earth, and a maisma of evil coils amidst the shadows. This all–new volume of the Citadels of Middle–earth series presents over 20 pages of maps and floorplans detailing the Necromancer's awful lair. It includes complete stats for MERP, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, and Rolemaster. Dol Guldur includes: Cross section of the Citadel - showing the Precipices, Levels, and Strata of Dol Guldur, and where they fall within the volcano Amon Lanc. Key locations - the Front Gate, the strategic Web enclosing the Seventh Level, the Bagalaukan that collects the fetid slurry of the stronghold's privies, the severely beautiful Necromancer's Halls, and the deadly Fifth Stratum where the Overlord of Dol Guldur reposes in searing, sulfur-laden steam. Floorplans - of Celedhring's domicile, the Slave-master's residence, the halls of the Mouth of Sauron, the Necromancer's Vantage, and many more. Lords and Overlords - Khamul the Nazgul, the Mouth of Sauron, Dol Guldur's High commanders, and the Necromancer himself. Orcish devices - rail-cart tugs, stair lifts, and the Dhaumabrukul (the Wheel of Pain) are but a few of the mechanisms employed by the Orcs of Dol Guldur. Orcish traps - drain chutes, fume chambers, mud pits, steam jets, and numerous other traps threaten the survival of intruders. History - tales like that of the first inhabitants of Amon Lanc, the Dwarves of Drúin's Tribe, and their subtle eviction by the Dark Lord's minion, Celedhring. Into the Darkness - a three part mini-campaign involving a tricky rescue attempt to pluck an important prisoner from the Necromancer's grasp before her captors leave Dol Guldur's outposts and reach the innermost dungeons of the citadel.


MERP - Middle-Earth Campaign Guide Game Book Middle-Earth Campaign Guide Game Book
MERP Sourcebook
MERP#: 2003
"Inside you'll find the full color poster map of Middle-earth pictured here. It's larger of course, 24" x 36" and rendered in exquisite detail. It includes the region chronicled in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings as well as the wild lands - north, east, and south!
THE MIDDLE-EARTH CAMPAIGN GUIDE includes: Timeline providing in-depth coverage of the entire history of the West. Linguistic guidelines for the many tongues of Middle-earth - the speech of Elves, Dwarves, Ents, Hobbits, and Men. DICTIONARY of Elvish, including notes on pronunciation and grammar. Glossary of Terms provides a quick reference for the people, cultures, and places of Middle-earth. Role Playing Notes for incorporating Middle-earth into any major role playing system. Theme Maps detail Middle-earth's topography, climate, trade routes, and population centers. 24" x 36" Color Map - including a superimposed reference grid. The Campaign Guide provides a working base for creative minds who enjoy Tolkien's world - people who have long wished to venture into Middle-earth's lands, experience its magic and politics, discover new cultures, and build upon its wondrous structures and settings. This sourcebook charts the well-documented reaches of northwestern Endor, as well as the shadowy lands that comprise the rest of the continent. Its scope is broad, treating the fundamental and unique themes needed by those who wish to enjoy authentic fantasy role playing in Tolkien's Middle-earth. The Middle-earth Campaign Guide is a compilation of material previously available in the Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook, Volumes I and II."

MERP - Minas Tirith Citadel Minas Tirith - Citadel
MERP#: 2007
Minas Tirith documents the history,design, layout, garrison, and inhabitants of the Guarded City, pre-eminent symbol of the Free People's struggle against Sauron of Mordor.  The capital of Gondor commands the wide gap between the White Mountains and the Ephel Duath that encircle the Dark Lord's fief.  Its seven walls and levels seem to grow out ot the mountains' stone, as if carved by gaints.
MINAS TIRITH - CITADEL includes: 2 Full-Color Maps - each depicting half of the incredible City of the Guard.  Beautifully rendered by the artist responsible for the maps of Endor's varied terrians. Key locations - the Great Gate where Gandalf halted the Lord of the Nazgul, the Houses of Healing where Eowyn and Merry suffered under the black Breathe, and the Place of the Fountain in the High Court where  Queen Arwen sang of Valinor. Royalty - Tarondor, his family, and the Kings who shaped the design of Minas Tirith. Floorplans - detailing over forty edifices standing within the city walls: the Keylodge, the Great Bakery, the Waterwrights' hall, the Rynd Permaith Iaur, and more.  Denethor and heirs - the Last Ruling Stewart of Gondor and his sons, Boromir and Faramir. City Lands - the Pelennor (the enclosed slopes and terraces surrounding Minas Tirith), the banks of the Auduin upon which rest Harlond, the South-haven where river traffic docks, and the vales of the White Mountains, wild an alpine in character. Adventures - confront a beguiling traitor, a false rebel, and a corrupt sorceress. This volume of the Citadels of Middle-earth series is a revised version of the sourcebook released in 1988.  The revised Minas Tirith features a new city map-so large it requires two seperate halves - and includes complete stats for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game in addition to general and Rolemaster stats.

MERP - Palantir Quest Palantir Quest
MERP#: 2009
160 pages
Strange portents in the great Seeing-stone of Minas Tirith give promise that one of the lost palantiri of the North has returned to the lands of Men. Can the adventurers find this legendary treasure and bring it to King Elessar? Rogues of the wilds, blizzards out of the Forodwaith, and the greed in Men's hearts all conspire against them.Palantir Quest contains an extended series of adventures - a campaign - that culminate in a perilous confrontation with a subtle and deadly foe of the Reunited Kingdoms. Palantir Quest includes: The heroic search for a palantir of the North, a quest which takes our bold adventurers from the splendor of Fourth Age Minas Tirith to the frozen expanses of Forodwaith to the tangled glades of Greenwood the Great. History of the Seeing Stones from their creation in the West to their final fate in the Middle Lands. Travel narrative for the GM to read aloud to the players — describing in brilliant detail the sights seen by adventurers on their journeys across Endor. Foes who march to the tune of a subtle adversary: their stats, motivations, and tactical methods. Allies bound to succor the PCs out of loyalty to King Elessar. Adventure sites where treasure, secrets, and dangers abide — including the ruins of Annuminas, a sacred refuge of the Lossoth, the bunal chamber of a forgotten King, and a smuggler's Lake-town hide away.

MERP - Treasures of Middle-Earth Rolemaster MERP - Treasures of Middle-Earth Rolemaster Treasures of Middle-Earth; Rolemaster
MERP#: 2010
208 pages
Here are Endor's most potent artifacts, the famous and infamous treasures that have shaped the history of Middle-earth. Could you gaze into the depths of a Palantir from Numenor and survive the visions sent to haunt you? Have you ever desired to possess the treasure heaped beneath a Dragon's scaled belly? All these and more await you!

MERP - Moria Citadel Moria; Citadel
MERP#: 2011, 2nd Edition
168 pages with 4 pages of color maps This citadel module is a revision of ICE's acclaimed 1984 campaign sourcebook. Beside containing a host of new material covering everything from the wind-swept Redhorn Gate to the fiery Under-deeps, it provides statistics for MERP, Rolemaster, and the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.
Moria, the "Black Chasm," lies deep in the bowels of the Misty Mountains. Here Durin's Folk, the oldest of the Seven Dwarf-houses, sculpted the vast city and endless mines of Khazad-dum, the largest fortress ever constructed by the Free Peoples. Its stairways climb to the starry heavens and descend to depths unknown and terrible; its countless bridges cross bottomless pits and enchanting canyons; and its wonderfully-embellished vaults guard untold riches, including mithril: the enchanted "true-silver," the most priceless of all metals. Shrouded by an unspeakable curse - a foul, wicked legacy of original evil - this awe-inspiring marriage of singular natural and Dwarf-made wonders presents one of the greatest settings for exploration and adventure in all of Endor.
MORIA - CITADEL includes: Full-Color Maps of Dimrill Dale, the headwaters of the Sirannon, and the spires above Moria: Redhorn, Cloudyhead, and Silvertine. Cross-Section of the Stronghold depicting the core of Khazad-dum, its sprawling mines, its Deeps and Levels, the Endless Stair, and the unfathomed Under-deeps. Stone Maps portraying the complex network of avenues, roads, accessways, and mineways that connect Moria's myriad armories, ceremonial chambers, dungeons, gathering halls, and treasures. Key Locations - the hidden West-gate, outside the enchanted doors of which Gandalf searched his ancient memory for the word which would open the portal; the Chamber of Mazarbul where Frodo stabbed a Cave-troll with his blade Sting; and the Unending Well bridged by the narrow span where Gandalf confronted the Balrog. Floorplans for the Second Hall of the First Deep, the East and West-gate, the Chamber of Records, the King's Armory, the Cold-forge, the Balrog's Lair, etc. Smithies where precise recipes for smelting, fire-forging, and cold-forging produce ingots, coins, and artefacts of unparalleled quality. Traps - the perilous devices with which the Dwarves guard treasured or sacred places in their cavern home. 6 Adventures and 3 Episodes - confront treason amid the hotbed of political intrigue that comprises the royal court of Khazad-dum under King Balin; accompany an aged Dwarf into abandoned Moria on an expedition seeking ancient treasures and heirlooms; learn the mystery of the Under-gates in the baffling Dwarven runes that hint at a Stone of Closing forged by Durin's Folk long ago.

MERP - Creatures of Middle-Earth Sourcebook Creatures of Middle-Earth; Sourcebook
MERP#: 2012
1994 - 2nd Edition
ISBN 1558061916
2nd Edition includes: Middle-earth Character Templates for those who want interesting, fully developed characters in a flash. A complete Character Development System covering Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, etc. A Magic System with simple yet comprehensive rules that reflect the unique nature of the use of magic and power in Middle-earth. A flavorful Combat System that is realistic, fast, and playable. Gamemaster Guidelines that cover travel, encounters, weather, random events, healing, poisons, magic items, and much more. Detailed information on Creatures and Peoples that covers the major beasts, monsters, and cultures of Middle-earth. An expanded set of secondary skills, background options, and professions. A complete Sample Adventure set in the Trollshaws, complete with layouts.

MERP - Elves Elves
1994, 2nd edition
MERP#: 2013
Elves presents the Firstborn, the Quendi, the 'Speakers'. They awoke under the stars before the ascension of the Moon and the Sun and loved ever after the twilight when Varda's lamps shone forth. The stories of their most illustrious figures - Feanor, creator of the Simarils, Earendil, voyager of the skies, Galadriel, Queen of Lorien, Celebrimbor, forger of the Rings of Power - are recounted here. Elves includes: History; Calaquendi, Umanyar, Avari. The 2nd edition is a revised version of material released in Lords of Middle-earth, Vol. 1, the Immortals in 1986. Elves features many more illustrations and includes stats for this, Rolemaster, and the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game.

MERP - Kin Strife The Kin-Strife
MERP#: 2015
240 pages
Combat Screen & Reference sheets
Describes the People, Politics and Armies of Gondor , the 6 Cities Pelargir, Umbar, Lond Ernil, Osgiliath, Minas Arnor and Minas Ithil along with their adminitrative structures military organizations and legal systems. Adventures tied to each metropolis bring the Civil War to Life.

MERP - Lake Town MERP - Lake Town Lake-Town
MERP#: 2016
Explore the Northron settlement where Bilbo and the Dwarves were feasted and supplied during their journey toward Smaug the Dragon! Moor your boat at the town's quays, search for exotic goods from the East in the stalls of its Great Wharf, or witness the changing of its formidable Bridge Guard accompanied by the retrieval of the hlaestingas, the collected trade tariffs. Lake town presents this merchantile center in all its vivid bustle, including craft associations, the burg's coiner, drihten who collect the tolls, and smugglers. An introductory adventure followed by a two part mini-campaign draws player characters into the watery labyrinth amidst the piles below the town's wooden streets and out into the wide lands surrounding th eLong Lake. In the aftermath of the Plague, Orcs and Trolls and Undead have the upper hand in the Wilds. Keep your hand on your sword hilt, if you venture far from Esgaroth!
LAKE–TOWN includes: Complete Stats for this and Rolemaster. Color Map, History; The Maesta of Esgaroth, Lake–Folk, High–Houses, Groghalls, & Warestores.

MERP - The Shire MERP - The Shire The Shire
MERP#: 2017
The Hobbits of the Shire did not always dwell in peace and prosperity. Their beginnings in the Glennen were characterized by frugal living, hidden residences, and terror of the Necromancer's growing presence. Crossing the Misty Mountains to escape his Shadow, the encountered the arrogance and ridicule of Men along with all the perils of the wide world. The Shire was granted to the Halflings by King Argeleb II as their new homeland, but even then they faced strife from within and without. The Hobbit tribes of the Tooks, Pendles, and the Bucks were at odds continuously. And the Lords of House Tarma coveted the Halfling territory. Adventurers who visit the Shire will need to keep their blades loose in the scabbard – feuding Hobbit clans, proud and greedy nobles, strange remnants from the Elder Days, and roving bandits all threaten the unwary.
The Shire includes Complete Stats for this, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, and Rolemaster, Color maps; The Glennen, Siragale, The Shire Grant, The Shire of Bilbo's day, The Took–Thains, Hobbits, Sites, Adventures.

MERP - Angmar Angmar
MERP#: 2018
160 pages with 8 pages of color maps

MERP - Mirkwood Realm Mirkwood - Realm
MERP#: 2019
1995 (2nd Edition, 1988 1st edition)
ISBN: 1-55806-246-7
Cover Price: $25.00
Page Count: 160
MIRKWOOD - REALM features: Color Maps - two beautifully rendered maps depicting northern and southern Mirkwood, as well as the varied lands adjacent to the vast forest. Radagast & Rhosgobel - the master of shapes and hues and his wizardly home with its many woodland visitors. Northmen - Beornings whose lords practice shape-shifting; Sairthéod in their tree-house village; Dalemen and Lakemen, descendants of the noble First-Age Edain; Woodmen who rove the forest in clans; and horse-loving Éothraim, ancestors of the Rohirrim. Dwarves of the Iron Hills - the stalwart forefathers of Dáin Ironfoot who came to Thorin Oakenshield's aid at Erebor later in the Age. The Elves of Thranduil's Halls - wood-wise folk who celebrate starlight, song, and the trees of the forest with feasting and harp music in scenic glens. Creatures of Shadow - Dragons from the Withered Heath who fly south in search of prey; Great Spiders and their dark webs that reach from trunk to trunk; Stone Trolls who roam the Emyn-nu-Fuin; and wakeful trees with evil hearts and hostile boughs. Minions of the Necromancer - the Ringwraith who rules the Naked Hill; the Black Trolls who serve as the citadel's warlords; and the hordes of Orc-warriors who raid at their command. Cult of the Long Night - animistic shamans who revere darkness and teach its tenets on moonless nights. Dark Sites - Sarn Goriwing, the sorcerous tower dominating the headwaters of the Enchanted River; the Nan Morsereg, a vale harboring dark cults and nocturnal terrors; and the Gloom-spike, lofty home to a crazed seer.
"They walked in single file. The entrance to the path was like the sort of arch leading into a gloomy tunnel made by two great trees that leant together, too old and strangled with ivy and hung with lichen to bear more than a few blackened leaves. The path itself was narrow and wound in and out among the trunks. Soon the light at the gate was like a little bright hole far behind, and the quiet was so deep that their feet seemed to thump along while all the trees leaned over them and listened." Once named Greenwood the Great, the treeland then harbored starlight and song under its arching eaves. Only the northern woods now retain memories of the old splendor, and the elven magic guarding their borders has grown fey and perilous. The dread Necromancer inhabits Dol Guldur in tangled southern Mirkwood, and the whole forest cringes from his Shadow. Twisted hemlocks and soot-block webs shelter his minions and fell wild creatures. Mirkwood is a reprint of the 1988 ICE campaign module titled Mirkwood, The Wilds of Rhovanion. This reprint as a realm piece features the excellence of the previous bestseller along with a number of new floorplans and illustrations. Mirkwood includes complete stats for this, the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, and Rolemaster.

MERP - Southern Gondor The Peoples Southern Gondor; The Peoples
MERP#: 2020
Southern Gondor, the People reaches back to the First Age to reveal the realm at that time and follow it through the millennia to the Fourth Age and the reign of Aragorn II. Culture, peoples, politics, religion, and individuals of note receive complete coverage - from the chieftain of the Oathbreakers and the watch-stones of the Woses to the moon-calendar of the Uinendili and the sacred Karma of Aldarion. Ten adventures bring it all to vibrant life.
SOUTHERN GONDOR: THE PEOPLE includes: Heroes & Kings - Isildur and Anárion loom larger than life, and the rulers who follow them are hardly less so. Telumehtar subjugates sun-darkened Umbar. Tarannon, the first of the Ship-kings, starts Gondor on the road to imperial glory. And Aragorn shepherds the realm through the War of the Ring. Dunedain - The High Men of the West bring the lore and culture of their lost homeland to Gondor and blend these virtues with a love of truth and loyalty. Gondorians - These sturdy peasant folk who tend field and croft revere Yavanna most of all the Valar, for her earth shapes the rhythm of their lives. Festivals - The ancient high days of Erukyermë, Erulaitalë, and Eruhantalë gain celebratory renewal in the South Kingdom. Woses - Drughu whose ancestors guarded the houses of the Folk of Haleth roam the lands of southern Gondor many ages before the Faithful arrived on Endor's shores. Haruze - Gondor's desert-dwelling neighbors give their friendship sometimes to the Dúnedain and at other times to hostile Umbar. Daen - These plaid-wearing charioteers follow the bizarre monuments of the Drughu into the meads between the mountains and the sea. There they dwell for centuries, herding their flocks and hammering bronze into mirrors, jewellery, and tools. Boughs of Return - Mystical artefacts bestowed by the Ainur and enchanted relics from the lost isle of Númenor await the Dúnedain in vault, library, and garden when peril threatens. Adventures - Crew a privateer and court peril on the waves and tides of Belfalas Bay! Hunt Haradan spies in the back alleys of Pelargir! Untangle the plots of an unusual Daen rebel! Stalk a stolen Mûmak through the taverns of Methir of the coast!

MERP - Southern Gondor The Land Southern Gondor; The Land
MERP#: 2021
ISBN: 1558062564
Pages: 208
Cover Price: $30.00

MERP - Arnor The People Arnor; The People
MERP#: 2022
232 pages
ARNOR: THE PEOPLE features: Migrations - Trace the millennial wanderings of Eriador's peoples as they struggle to preserve their ancestral life-ways in the face of Numenorean imperialism and the invading hordes of the Dark Lord Sauron. Hillmen of the Trollshaws - Keep a sharp blade about you as you walk the haunted paths of the Trollshaws, where Hillmen, Orcs, Easterlings, and spies of all nations deal in treachery and murder. Lossoth - Join the Lossoth as they hunt the fringes of the great Northern Waste, ever watchful for the foul servants of the Witch-king, and ever fearful of the cold, deadly spirits of the northern winds. Intrigue and Diplomacy - Fathom the ever-changing political alignments of Cardolan's vying warlords. Uncover seeds of insurrection among the proud nobility of Arthedain. Tread the perilous streets of Tharbad, where rival emissaries from Gondor and Umbar compete for influence in Eriador. Mystical and Religous Orders - Gaze into the palantiri, the fabled "seeing-stones" of Arthedain, and scry the ominous portents they reveal. Find healing and compassion in the care of the Sisters of Nienna. Explore the mysteries of the Secret Fire with the Nolehildi, allies of Gandalf the Wizard. Mercenaries - Face battle side-by-side with the grim mercenary companies of war-torn Cardolan. Elven Lords and Ladies - Adventure with the sons of Elrond in their valiant errantries against the forces of Darkness that threaten the Free Peoples. Rangers of the North - Join the Order and Fellowship of the Rangers of the North, the remnant of the Dunedain in the "Age of Abandonment," as they wage their centuries-long struggle to preserve the freedom of Eriador and its inhabitants from the ever-present threat of Sauron's minions.

MERP - Arnor The Lands Arnor; The Lands
MERP#: 2023
Arnor: The Land describes all the territory encompassing the Dunadan realm of Arnor and its three successor states-Athedain, Cardolan, and Rhudaur. Supported by an elegant set of interconnecting terrain maps, this volume explores details of both the natural and man-made environment of this unparalleled adventure setting. In-dept coverage of cities, towns, fortresses, and other sites of interest, as well extensive overviews of geography, flora and fauna, capture this land's essence. An exhaustive, alpha-betically-organized gazetteer structures all of this information into an easily accessible format. Nine ready-to run scenarios create instant opportunities for adventure throughout the lands of Eriador, both in the 1640's of the Third Age and at the apocalyptic climax of the Second. Arnor: The Land represents a thorough updating of the second half of ICE's highly acclaimed Arnor realm module (previously published in 1994), and includes complete game statistics for this game, Role master and the Lord of the Rings Adventure game.
ARNOR; THE LAND features: Color maps -Four detachable, intersectng maps (17 " x 22" each) combine to form a single, breathtaking panorama of Eriador, covering nearly 30,00 square miles of terrain. On the reverse side of these maps, intricately detailed color layouts of major cities and fortresses are provided. Banes of Angmar - Delve into then inner workings of the Witch-king's malice as he contrives dark plagues, killing curses, and unatural blights against the Dunedains, by whose valor alone the annihilation of the Free Peoples in the North is hindered. Bree: Partake of the Rustic hospitality and parochial charm of the Bree-landers, of the whether at the common room of the King's Rest Inn, amid the pastoral serenity of the surrounding farmlands soften the sometimes grim landscape of war-torn Eriador. Tharbad -Visit the great riverene metropolis of Tharbad, where the Men of Numenor first began to colonize the lands of the North. Once the capital of Cardolan, Tharbad has become the object of contention for all who seek hegemony in Southern Eriador. Barrow-Downs - Dare to tread among the grassy mounds that the house remains of Arnor's past kings and their Eriadorian forefathers, now infested by the evil spirit known as the "barrow wights. Banners of the High King - Join the Elven-king Gilgalad's banner-bearers on their perilous track across the breadth of Eriador, carring plegde of their support for the Last Alliance of Men and Elvles against Sauron. Frustrate the Dark Lord's unrelenting efforts to thwart this all-important mission, but beware of treachery from within your own ranks!

MERP - Northern Waste Northern Waste
MERP#: 2025
Let Arvedui's tragic tale serve as a warning of the perils that await any who would brave the vast, arctic wilderness of the Northern Wate. Bounded by the great Ice–bay of Forochel, this seemingly endless expanse of snow and tundra stretches to the frozen ends of Middle–earth. Home to the mysterious Lossoth, the Northern Waste is a titanic battleground of natural and supernatural forces, all contending for the destiny of this forbidding land. The Northern Waste unlocks an exciting new realm of adventure never before covered by ICE's Middle–earth series. Now at last you can travel to the northernmost shores of Middle–earth – and beyond! The Northern Waste includes complete stats for Middle-earth Role Playing, Rolemaster, and Lord of the Rings Adventure Game. It is the first module to contain scenario material for ICE's best–selling Middle-earth Collectible Card Game. The Northern Waste features: Color map, Lossoth, The Landless Land, Morgoth's Realm, Evermist, Adventures – Two full–length, ready–to–run scenarios offer instant adventure. MECCG sites and scenarios – Expand your Middle–earth card game into the Northern Waste with three exciting new scenarios and a host of new sites all laid out on the reverse side of the color terrain maps.

MERP - Hands of the Healer MERP - Hands of the Healer Hands of the Healer
MERP#: 2026
ISBN: 1558063161
160 pages
The healing path is one of the most revered callings that a person may aspire to in Middle–earth; it is also one of the most valued professions among adventurers – men and women who face danger and the prospect of injury every day of their lives. Hands of the Healer fleshes out one of those professions most often chosen by fantasy gamers, whether as characters to be played or NPCs to be sought for their indispensable services. Equally useful to both players and gamemasters, this tome provides virtually everything one could possibly want to know about Middle–earth's healers and their craft. Features: 56 character development packages. New medial skills – Physic, Surgery, Apothecary and Midwifery. Static maneuver tables. 296 herbs, curatives and poisons. MECCG Scenarios