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Tudor Mint "The Hobbit" Figurines Collection

Tudor Mint Hobbit Pewter Figurine Collection in Listings

These Tudor Mint Hobbit figurines were all originally issued in 1991, were retired by 1993, and most were unavailable by 1998. They are made of a fine grade pewter mixed with silver, each included at least one Swarovski crystal, and the pieces are relatively heavy. These figurines were made available for sale in most of the English speaking world. The Tudor Mint is located in England.

 Pictured Left: These pages were issued in a catalog dedicated to the Tudor Mint Hobbit Figurines Series.


Tudor Mint Bilbo Baggins Bilbo Baggins
Tudor Mint
Bilbo Baggins was such a happy Hobbit. He lives contently in One Bagshot Row, Hobbiton. He enjoys his seed cakes and smokes his pipe unaware of the wider world. At least until Gandalf arrives at his doorstep. Gandalf, a wizard, has plans for poor Bilbo. One by one, Gandalf has these strangely attired dwarves arrive at his cozy little Hobbit-hole. His door is taking a beating. Headed by Thorin Oakenshield, these dwarves take on Bilbo Baggins as a burglar into their plot to overthrow Smaug the Dragon and reclaim their stolen gold. Though initially skeptical of his burgling skills, the dwarves grow ever more confident in him as events transpire. By the time they reach the doorstep of the Lonely Mountain the dwarves are actually relying on his skills as a burglar, and demonstrate full faith and confidence in him. This figurine shows Bilbo in repose against his gate smoking a pipe of Longbottom Leaf.

Tudor Mint Gandalf Gandalf
Tudor Mint
Second in the order of the Istari to Saruman, Gandalf is one of five Wizards dispatched to Middle-Earth in the early parts of the Second Age. To a bothered Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf is perhaps an annoyance whom he'd wish would just leave. After many hours of discussion of Middle-earth events, most of which Bilbo escaped Bilbo completely, Gandalf bids farewell. Whew! Thankfully that's over. Until Gandalf arrives soon after with Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Fili, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, and a rather regal looking Thorin Oakenshield. The party had just started as far as Gandalf was concerned.

Tudor Mint Thorin Oakenshield Thorin Oakenshield
Tudor Mint
Son of Thrain, Thorin Oakenshield is the heir to the Kingdom of Erebor. But there is a small problem...a large Dragon named Smaug has taken his place as King under the Mountain. While Oakenshield is not actually his last name (Have you ever met a dwarf with a last name?), he goes by this nickname none-the-less. He earned it. In the Battle of Azanulbizar, in the War between the Dwarves and the Orcs, his shield was cleaved in the heat of battle so badly that he dropped it in favor of a piece of oak lying on the ground. Thus is the name Thorin Oakenshield is given to him. This figurine depicts Thorin presumably carrying the Arkenstone.

Tudor Mint Great Goblin The Great Goblin
Tudor Mint
The Great Goblin is the King of the Goblins (Orcs) living deep within the heart of the Misty Mountains. He and his orcs are tunnel dwellers and the Misty Mountains are full of them. Known primarily for having captured the company of dwarves headed by Gandalf and Thorin as they sought refuge in a cave while traversing the mountain range. Unknowingly he is also host to a small creature living even deeper in the caves...Gollum.

Tudor Mint Gollum Gollum
Tudor Mint
A small and wiry creature is Gollum. Living deep in the bowels of the Misty Mountains. He lives on his rock in the middle of a pool of cold mountain water. In this figurine he is depicted on his little boat that he uses to paddle across his pond when hunger drives him to eat the occasional Goblin.

Tudor Mint Beorn Beorn
Tudor Mint
This is Beorn, head of the Beornings. He lives in a cabin near the Carrock, perched about half-way between the Misty Mountains and the eaves of Mirkwood. Do not wake him...he can be a Bear. This figurine depicts Beorn as Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf first come upon him while chopping wood.

Tudor Mint Elven King The Elven King
Tudor Mint
This pewter figure is of the Elven King. Actually he is King Thranduil of Mirkwood. He is the King of the Wood-elves and father of Legolas. Like most Elves he is kind and thoughtful...except when dwarves come into the picture, or firelight I should say. The Elven King and his people like to celebrate, and they like to celebrate with wine, lots of wine, barrels of it in fact.

Tudor Mint Smaug the Dragon Smaug the Dragon
Tudor Mint
# 5008
When word of the wealth amassed by the Dwarves of Erebor reached the North it held particular interest for one Dragon, Smaug the Magnificent. he would attack the Dwarven outpost in the Lonely Mountain, and take their wealth for his own, leaving those dwarves who remained alive in exile. He then proceeded to sack the Lake-town of Dale and take their accumulated wealth as well.

Tudor Mint Bard Bard
More properly referred to as Bard of Esgaroth, the Bard was a stern man of the Lake-town Dale. Shown in this figurine holding his bow, he was a renowned shot. This would prove a handy skill when the time came. He would in time become King of the newly rebuilt Dale.

Tudor Mint Good Morning at Bag End Good Morning" at Bag End
Depicted in this figurine is a scene right from the opening chapter of "The Hobbit". Bilbo Baggins sits outside his front door in Hobbiton, smoking his Longbottom Leaf, when the wizard Gandalf arrives. "Good Morning", by which Bilbo meant "Good Morning...but move along". This was obviously not what Gandalf had in mind.

(No Photo) Moon Letters
The Moon Letters figure depicts the discovery of hidden runes upon a map of the Lonely Mountain possessed by Thorin. Once in Rivendell, it is Elrond who makes the discovery of this secret message embedded in the map. Most are unaware that it was Gandalf who obtained this Map, while while risking an attempt to know what evil was residing in within the fortress of the Necromancer in Dol Guldur, he would come across a captive Thrain. Thrain, son of Thror and father of Thorin, was in possession a map and key that he gave to Gandalf before dying.

Tudor Mint Finding the Precious Finding The Precious
Here we see the esteemed burglar Baggins as he stumbles through the dark tunnels under the Misty Mountains. He has become separated from his company of dwarves after a storm forces the dwarves into a cave...and all sorts of chaos breaks loose. While wandering aimlessly in the dark, he stumbles, and as chance (or something else) would have it, his hand falls upon an object. Without fully thinking about it, Bilbo sticks the object into his pocket.

Tudor Mint Capture of Bilbo Capture of Bilbo
The Goblins (orcs) of the Misty Mountains capture Bilbo as shown in this figure. Without realizing it, the dwarves and Gandalf, had sought refuge from a storm in one of the entrances to the tunnels of the Misty Mountains often used by the Goblins. They immediately march him before The Great Goblin.

Tudor Mint Riddles in the Dark Riddles in the Dark
After stumbling around in the dark tunnels of the Misty Mountains for a long while, Bilbo has stumbled into a pool of water. He is not alone. It is here that we first encountered the miserable Gollum. In a bid to keep himself from being eaten by the creature Bilbo engages Gollum in a game of riddles in the dark of the cave. If only Bilbo had worn his pants without the pockets...or maybe if he just knew more riddles.

Tudor Mint Escape from the Wargs Escape from the Wargs
Having narrowly escaped the Goblins in good shape except for some buttons, the dwarves, Gandalf, and Bilbo find themselves being surrounded in a stand of trees by a group of hungry Wargs. Thankfully, Gandalf manages to buy some time for the dwarves, until Gwaihir the Windlord can pluck them to safety.

Tudor Mint Barrels out of Bond Barrels out of Bond
Once again the dwarves are in a tight spot. Having been taken captive by the wood-elves of Mirkwood, the only way out of this jam will have to be devised by Bilbo. This figurine shows how the Hobbit intends to stuff each dwarf into a wine barrel and they will float out of Mirkwood. The Wood-elves won't know what happened for weeks.

(No Photo) The Courage of Bilbo
What are all these spiders doing here? And where are the dwarves? Bilbo is lost in the forest depths of Mirkwood, having crashed yet another party, everyone of his companions has become scattered and lost to him. The Courage of Bilbo will be needed against this foe.

Tudor Mint Prisoner of the Elven King Prisoner of the Elven King
Thorin Oakenshield pleads his case for freedom before the suspicious Elven King Thranduil. Unwilling to divulge the true mission of the dwarves, Thorins pleas go unrecognized and he and the dwarves will remain in the cellar dungeons of the wood-elves, at least for a while.

Tudor Mint Enchanted Door The Enchanted Door
This figurine is shows The Enchanted Door through which the Dwarves and Bilbo must pass to gain access to The Lonely Mountain. Made with such skill, the door showed no sign of actually being there at all. It was not until a moonlit night that the secret to opening the Enchanted Door revealed itself. The dwarf craftsmen from the old Kingdom of Erebor had put Moon Letters (Runes) on the map so that it could only be opened by those who knew its secret.

Tudor Mint Wrath of Beorn The Wrath of Beorn
Here we see Beorn, having taken bear form, exacting a price from the Goblins of the Misty Mountains. It is Beorn and his people, the Beornings, that watch the High Pass over the Misty Mountains and keep trade routes safe between the edge of Mirkwood and Rivendell.

Tudor Mint Journeys End Journeys End
This figurine shows Bilbo Baggins finally back in his Hobbit-hole in Bagshot Row, Hobbiton. Sitting back writing his a book, later known as the Red Book of Westmarch, he can look back on his adventure and write. Actually the Red Book of Westmarch won't be finished for almost a hundred years. Bilbo will leave it unfinished for his nephew Frodo Baggins, who in turn leaves the final chapters to Sam Gamgee.

Tudor Mint Trolls Clearing The Trolls Clearing
The 3 larger pieces on the wooden bases must weigh 10 pounds.
Here is one of three of the large figurines (dioramas) put out by the Tudor Mint for The Hobbit series. It is an interpretation of Bilbo's first real test as a burglar. Having spotted a light in the woods the dwarves send Bilbo to investigate. What he sees are three giant trolls sitting aside a fire. Working up the nerve, he has decided he will pick the pocket of the closest troll. You can see him sneaking up on one of the trolls to do just that. Good thing Gandalf is not far off, or they would really be jam, I a jam.

Tudor Mint Burglar Steals Smaugs Great Cup Burglar Steals Smaug's Great Cup
The 3 larger pieces on the wooden bases must weigh 10 pounds
The second of the three largest pieces in the set, this diorama depicts the theft of a piece of Smaugs treasure. Having finally opened the Enchanted Door, the burglar Baggins is charged by the dwarves with examining the inside of The Lonely Mountain a little closer. Having quietly worked his way down into the mountain, Bilbo is astonished to see the size of the Smaugs hoard. How could anyone miss a single cup in a treasure of this size? The dwarves will be pleased....for a while.

Tudor Mint Farewell King under the Mountain Farewell King Under the Mountain
The 3 larger pieces on the wooden bases must weigh 10 pounds
Having freed their lost treasure from Smaug, the dwarves are sure they will need to protect their treasure from the peoples of the surrounding areas. Surely they will wish to lay claim to a portion of the treasure inside the Lonely Mountain. The wood-elves have come to the mountain from Mirkwood, Men have come from Dale, the dwarves have sent for Dain Ironfoot in the Iron Hills, and worst of all a Goblin army is coming. This figurine depicts the loss of Thorin Oakenshield in the Battle of the Five Armies. He is lying on his bed, mortally wounded, apologizing to Bilbo. Lying on his chest is the Arkenstone.