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Shown Left Top: Lord of the Rings: The Mythology of Power
Author: Jane Chance
Paperback, 2nd ed., 162pp.
University Press of Kentucky
September 2001
ISBN: 0813190177
Written during rise of Nazi Germany and subsequent world war, J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings chronicles a war against a Dark Lord Sauron whose mission is total domination of Middle-earth. Revised and significantly expanded for a new generation of Tolkien readers, Jane Chance's classic guide to Lord of the Rings series explores its "mythology of power" by placing the epic within twentieth-century context of Tolkien's life and times. By examining interrelationships among themes of power, language, and politics, Chance argues that the popularity of this trilogy stems from its celebration of individual differences of the marginalized and disenfranchised, typified in the insignificant figure of hobbits as Everyman.

Shown Left Middle: Tolkien's Legendarium : Essays on the History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 86
Verlyn Flieger (Editor), Carl Hosetter
Hardcover, 296pp.
Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
September 2000
ISBN: 0313305307
When J.R.R. Tolkien died in 1973, he left behind a vast body of unpublished material related to an imaginary world of his fiction. Now arranged edited and published as History of Middle-earth by his son and literary executor, Christopher Tolkien, these 12 volumes offer an unparalleled insight into growth of Tolkien's mythology over five decades. This book is first comprehensive critical examination of History of Middle-earth. An opening easy by Rayner Unwin, Tolkien's publisher for many years, discusses publication history of this material, while essays by expert contributors examine a broad range of topics related to the work.

Shown Left Bottom: Tolkien's Art: A Mythology for England
Author: Jane Chance
Paperback, 176pp.
University Press of Kentucky
October 2001
ISBN: 0813190207
As a scholar of medieval literature and a lover of Germanic and Finnish mythologies in particular, J. R. R. Tolkien was "grieved by the poverty" of legend and myth in his own beloved culture. Inspired by works like Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Tolkien's fiction relied on both pagan epic and Christian legend to create a mythology for England evident in both his major works of fiction like Lord of the Rings and his minor stories and critical essays. Revised and expanded, Jane Chance's study examines sources and influences of Tolkien's works as well as paradigm of critic as monster that colors so many of his writings.


Tolkiens Mythology for England Middle-Earth Companion Tolkienís Mythology for England: A Middle-Earth Companion
Edmund Wainwright
Paperback, 150pp.
Anglo-Saxon Books
June 01, 2004
ISBN13: 9781898281368
ISBN: 189828136X
Contains information about Tolkien's life and work. Tolkien was concerned that much of early English mythology had been lost. He set out to create a new mythology for England which drew on early sources. Most of the book focuses on The Lord of the Rings and shows how Tolkien used his knowledge of Anglo-Saxon and Norse literature and language to shape his plots and characters.

Evocation Of Virgil In Tolkiens Art Evocation Of Virgil In Tolkien's Art
Author: Robert E. Morse
Hardcover, 66pp.
ISBN: 0865161755
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
July 2001
In his Preface, Robert Morse states that both Virgil and Tolkien present myth as an aspect of an historical continuum. For these authors, myth does not seem to represent a falsehood, but rather it seems to narrate a record of experience from which humanity learns. Thus, myth is...a form of memory. In Evocation of Virgil in Tolkien's Art, Robert Morse asks question: does this syncretism of myth and history serve a similar purpose in each author? Includes an index of proper names from both authors' works, an index of passages, and a selected bibliography

Evocation Of Virgil In Tolkiens Art Evocation of Virgil in Tolkien's Art 
Author: Robert E. Morse
Paperback, 80pp.
ISBN: 0865161763
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
July 2001

Tolkien Cultural Phenomenon Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon
Brian Rosebury
January 2004
Palgrave Macmillan
Format: Hardcover , 256pp
ISBN-13: 9781403915979
ISBN: 1403915970
This comprehensive and discriminating account of Tolkien's work has been revised and expanded to take account both of recent developments in scholarship, and of the recent films directed by Peter Jackson. Tracing the development of Tolkien's creative technique over several decades, it explores the bewildering profusion of shorter works, as well as devoting an extended analysis to The Lord of the Rings. Chapters consider Tolkien's contribution to the history of ideas, and review the critical reception of the Lord of the Rings film adaptations and other popular adaptations of his work

Frodos Quest Frodo's Quest: Living the Myth in the Lord of the Rings
No Synopsis Available.

Tolkiens Ring Tolkien's Ring
Author: David Day, Alan Lee (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 83pp.
ISBN: 0760718997
Barnes & Noble Books
October 1999
Only From B&N Books
Rings have been an ever-powerful, ever-present symbol in world mythologies and religions. A tradition of ring-quest tales came into being before the pyramids of Egypt were built, or the walls of Babylon raised. While a glorious civilization in Greece and a mighty Roman Empire rose and fell, that tradition lived on. It survived fall of pagan gods; and rise of Buddha, Mohammed and Christ. Tolkien's Ring is a literary detective work about JRR Tolkien's inspiration and sources. It shows how the trilogy is a result of an ancient story-telling tradition that dates back to dawn of western culture; and how, by drawing upon our world's primary myths and legends, JRR Tolkien created his own mythology for our times. Beautifully illustrated throughout, Tolkien's Ring is an extraordinary journey through the most magical and potent stories peoples of our world have ever told one another.

Tolkiens Modern Middle Ages Tolkien's Modern Middle Ages
Jane Chance (Editor), Alfred Siewers (Editor)
March 2009
Palgrave Macmillan
Paperback, 264pp
The New Middle Ages Series
$32.00 US
ISBN-13: 9780230616790
ISBN: 0230616798
This collection examines how J.R.R. Tolkien delved into the Middle Ages to fashion a critique of the modern world that is postmodern in implication, subversive in nature, and oddly still traditionalist in motivation, in a way that is relevant to current debate over forging workable cross-cultural coalitions on pressing global problems.

Tolkien and his Critics Tolkien and his Critics: Essays on JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

Literature Guide to The Hobbit Book Wise Literature Guide to "The Hobbit" by J. R. R. Tolkien
Authors: Jon C. Stott, Andrew T. Stott
ISBN: 0943069378
Book Wise, Incorporated
June 1995
Recommend Age Range: 12 and up

Defending Middle-Earth Tolkien Myth and Modernity Defending Middle-Earth: Tolkien: Myth and Modernity
Author: Patrick Curry
Hardcover, 206pp.
ISBN: 0312176716
St. Martin's Press, Inc.
September 1997
Works of J. R. R. Tolkien have sold nearly 100 million copies worldwide, and continue to enthrall new generations of readers. Yet it has also been widely labeled as reactionary and escapist by hostile critics. Patrick Curry's book shows just how mistaken they are. He reveals Tolkien's profound and subtle advocacy of community, ecology, and spiritual values against destructive forces of runaway modernity. Tolkien's remedy, and the project implicit in his literary mythology, is a re-enchantment of our world. In helping us to realize that living nature, including humanity, is sacred, his writings draw on ancient magical mythology, but at same time resonate closely with ideas of contemporary radical ecology.

Defending Middle-Earth Tolkien Myth and Modernity Defending Middle-Earth: Tolkien: Myth and Modernity
Author: Patrick Curry
October 2004
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
Paperback , 210pp
$14.00 US
ISBN-13: 9780618478859
ISBN: 061847885X
Edition Description: Reprint
What are millions of readers all over the world getting out of reading The Lord of the Rings? Newly reissued with a new afterword, Patrick Curry's Defending Middle-earth argues, in part, that Tolkien has found a way to provide something close to spirit in a secular age. His focus is on three main aspects of Tolkien's fiction: the social and political structure of Middle-earth and how the varying cultures within it find common cause in the face of a shared threat; the nature and ecology of Middle-earth and how what we think of as the natural world joins the battle against mindless, mechanized destruction; and the spirituality and ethics of Middle-earth, for which Curry provides a particularly insightful and resonant examination that will deepen the understanding of the millions of fans who have taken The Lord of the Rings to heart.

Understanding Middle-Earth Understanding Middle-Earth: Essays on Tolkien's Middle-Earth
Michael Martinez
November 2003
NetPub Corporation
Paperback , 512pp
$20.00 US
ISBN-13: 9781587761454
ISBN: 1587761459
Michael Martinez begins a comprehesive study of Tolkien's imaginery history by "Browsing the Compleat Middle-Earth Library". His trademark conversational tone and style introduce Tolkien's readers to new persepctives on Elves, Hobbits, Numenorians, and other fantastic inhabitants of Middle-Earth. Advising that "...if you really want to see where it all came first need to see what it all is", Martinez explores Tolkien's pseudo-history in detail, analyzing the motivations and values of Middle-Earth's civilizations as described by Tolkien himself. Extensive research on Tolkien's Second Age, a mysterious era spanning thousands of years, illuminates the second "fall" of Tolkien's Elves, who made the dreadful Rings of Power, withheld vital knowledge from their allies, and exposed all of Middle-Earth to Sauron's evil. Finally, Martinez provides a wealth of insightful commentary, quoting Tolkien's letters and his son Christopher's extensive documentation, on those of Tolkien's sources which are often missed by other researchers. You will never look at Middle-Earth the same way again after reading Understanding Middle-Earth.

Tolkien Race and Cultural History Tolkien, Race and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits
Dimitra Fimi
August 2010
Palgrave Macmillan
Paperback , 252pp
$29.00 US
ISBN-13: 9780230272842
ISBN: 0230272843
Fimi explores the evolution of Tolkien's mythology throughout his lifetime by examining how it changed as a result of his life story and contemporary cultural and intellectual history. This new approach and scope brings to light neglected aspects of Tolkien's imaginative vision and contextualizes his fiction.

Hogwarts Narnia and Middle-Earth Hogwarts, Narnia, and Middle-Earth: Places upon a Time
Robert B. Smith Drinian Press August 30, 2007 ISBN13: 9780978516567 ISBN: 0978516567 This little book is a think-piece for adult readers who grew up with (or have been captured by) the fantasy worlds of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling. Smith points out general themes in the works of these three authors and matches them to the ancient motifs of the biblical writings, resulting in a discussion about the way in which people look at time, place, and the meaning of being human.

Power of Tolkiens Prose The Power of Tolkien's Prose: Middle-Earth's Magical Style
Steve Walker
November 2009
Palgrave Macmillan
Hardcover , 222pp
$85.00 US
ISBN-13: 9780230619920
ISBN: 0230619924
Addressing the ďlack of discussion of Tolkienís styleĒ in scholarly interrogations of that writer, this book uncovers the multifaceted appeal of Tolkienís prose style.

Hobbit Journey into Maturity The Hobbit: A Journey into Maturity
Author: William H. Green
Paperback, 192pp.
ISBN: 0805788077
Macmillan Library Reference
December 1994
In course of his travels from a cozily appointed little home in Bag-End Hobbiton to a dark and smoky lair of Smaug the dragon in the Lonely Mountain, hobbit Bilbo Baggins comes upon not only dwarves, elves, goblins, and giant spiders but a wiser, better self. His journey, like those of heroes in a long tradition of quest stories preceding The Hobbit, marks his passage from fearfulness to bravery, from self-indulgence to self-reliance, from ignorance to knowledge, from a kind of prolonged adolescence to responsible adulthood. William H. Green's finely crafted study places The Hobbit in company of such quest narratives as Beowulf, Odyssey, Don Quixote, and Tom Jones. Giving J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy tale for children serious scholarly attention often reserved for works intended for adults, Green shows how Tolkien adapted structure and dramatic force of mythic quests to a modern literary form. Underlying Tolkien's tall tale of an unlikely hero drawn into a fantastic series of adventures is a complex exploration of the nature of human journey into maturity and of power of myth to both elucidate and validate that journey. Tolkien shared with psychoanalyst C. G. Jung an abiding belief in healing power of myth. Green draws on Jung's theories of "archetypes" - symbolic patterns of thought and behavior expressed repeatedly in dreams, stories, and pictures to illuminate psychological implications of Tolkien's work. Especially relevant to story of Bilbo Baggins is Jung's view of a dragon-slaying hero as a symbol of increasing consciousness and individuation - that is, a journey into maturity. Rich in literary and linguistic allusion -a result of the Oxford scholar Tolkien's encyclopedic knowledge of medieval myth and language - The Hobbit reflects its author's desire to address sophisticated themes in a form - fantasy - derided by literary critics of his day. Tolkien thus cloaked his love of what he called "fairy-stories" in a book for children

Heroes of Middle-Earth Heroes of Middle-Earth
Tutta Kesti
June 2010
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG
Paperback , 92pp
$61.00 US
ISBN-13: 9783838334783
ISBN: 3838334787
When Joseph Campbell introduced his idea of the monomyth or Hero's Journey in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he used examples of main characters from folklore, myths and legends. Although his idea seemed to apply to the heroes in these stories, it wasn't certain that it could be transferred to apply to heroes in common literature. This book means to test two things: whether his ideas of the monomyth apply to fakelore as well, and also whether other characters aside from main characters have a hero's journey too. The reader will be given information on both Joseph Campbell's theory as well as Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings before an extensive analysis of five characters: Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Eowyn and Gandalf. This should be especially useful for anyone interested in the use of Campbell's theory in literature and writing.

Understanding Lord of the Rings Best of Tolkien Criticism Understanding The Lord of the Rings: The Best of Tolkien Criticism
Neil D Isaacs (Editor), Rose A Zimbardo (Editor)
Hardcover, 294 pages
Houghton Mifflin; 1st edition
May 24, 2004
$25.00 US
ISBN-10: 061842251X
ISBN-13: 978-0618422517
When first published, The Lord of the Rings stood so far apart from the mainstream that no one could recall reading anything like it. Tolkien"s unique tale needed valiant defenders, vocal admirers who understood its sources and relished its monumental scale. While such champions of modernism as Edmund Wilson mocked the trilogy"s archaic structure and language, W. H. Auden ó a great modernist poet in his own right ó rose to Tolkien"s defense with a spirited essay on the true nature of the hero quest. Edmund Fuller"s essay discusses the nature of the fairy tale, returning to the roots of the term to remove the treacle of Disney and restore the value of enchantment. Tolkien"s friend C. S. Lewis takes up the question of why, if you have a serious comment to make about real life, you would drape it in a never-never land of your own. He shrewdly argues that it is because real life does have mythic and heroic qualities ó in abundance. The collection also includes essays by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Verlyn Fleiger, and each of the editors, as well as a brand-new essay by Tom Shippey that shows us what to make of all this vast learning, adding to it the many delights of the films, so we can relish Tolkien"s achievement all the more.

Reading Lord of the Rings New Writings on Tolkiens Classic Reading The Lord of the Rings: New Writings on Tolkien's Classic
Robert Eaglestone (Author)
Paperback, 224 pages
March 1, 2006
$33.00 US
ISBN-10: 0826484603
ISBN-13: 978-0826484604
J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy have become among of the most popular books of the twentieth century while the recent film adaptations have made box office records. This book provides a comprehensive, informed, critical and theoretical analysis of both the book and film trilogies. The book is organised in four thematic sections. Beginning with an analysis of the critical history of Tolkien, the first section, 'Context and Criticism', examines and contrasts the historical and intellectual context of the books, films and their criticism. The second, 'Space, Place and Communities', turns to the philosophical and post-colonial concerns which structure contemporary understandings of the book and film. The third section, 'Gender, Sexuality and Class', shows how these issues are depicted in the novels and films. The final section, 'Tolkien's Futures', looks at the continuing influence of his work in both more traditional literary forms and in contemporary game and electronic narratives.

From Hobbits To Hollywood From Hobbits To Hollywood
Ernest Mathijs (Editor), Murray Pomerance (Editor)
July 2006
Paperback, 428pp
$38.00 US
ISBN-13: 9789042020627
ISBN: 9042020628
Peter Jackson's film version of The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) is the grandest achievement of 21st century cinema so far. But it is also linked to topical and social concerns including war, terrorism, and cultural imperialism. Its style, symbols, narrative, and structure seem always already linked to politics, cultural definition, problems of cinematic style, and the elemenal mythologies that most profoundly capture our imaginations. From Hobbits to Hollywood: Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings treats Jackson's trilogy as having two conditions of existence: an aesthetic and a political. Like other cultural artefacts, it leads a double life as objet d'art and public statement about the world, so that nothing in it is ever just cinematically beautiful or tasteful, and nothing is ever just a message or an opinion. Written by leading scholars in the study of cinema and culture From Hobbits to Hollywood gives Jackson's trilogy the fullest scholarly interrogation to date. Ranging from interpretations of The Lord of the Rings' ideological and philosophical implications, through discussions of its changing fandoms and its incorporation into the Hollywood industry of stars, technology, genre, and merchandising, to considerations of CGI effects, acting, architecture and style, the essays contained here open a new vista of criticism and light, for ardent fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, followers of Jackson, and all those who yearn for a deeper appreciation of cinema and its relation to culture.

Individuated Hobbit Individuated Hobbit: Jung, Tolkien and the Archetypes of Middle-Earth
Author: Timothy R. O'Neill
Hardcover, 200pp.
ISBN: 039528208X
Houghton Mifflin
January 1979

Master of the Rings Master of the Rings: Inside the World of J.R.R. Tolkien
Author: Repun, Graciela
ISBN:  1840464003

Myth and Middle-Earth Myth & Middle-Earth : Exploring the Medieval Legends Behind J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
Author(s): Jones, Leslie Ellen
ISBN: 1892975815

Some Light on Middle-Earth Some Light on Middle-Earth
Author: Edward Crawford
Tolkien Society Pamphlet
1985, UK Only

Middle-Earth and Beyond Middle-Earth and Beyond: Essays on the World of J. R. R. Tolkien
Kathleen Dubs and Janka Kascakova, (Author), Kathleen Dubs (Editor), Janka Kascakova (Editor)
Hardcover, 160 pages
Cambridge Scholars Publishing
December 1, 2010
$53.00 US
ISBN-10: 1443825581
ISBN-13: 978-1443825580
One wonders whether there really is a need for another volume of essays on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Clearly there is. Especially when the volume takes new directions, employs new approaches, focuses on different texts, or reviews and then challenges received wisdom. This volume intends to do all that. The entries on sources and analogues in The Lord of the Rings, a favorite topic, are still able to take new directions. The analyses of Tolkien s literary art, less common in Tolkien criticism, focus on character especially that of Tom Bombadil in which two different conclusions are reached. But characterization is also seen in the light of different literary techniques, motifs, and symbols. A unique contribution examines the place of linguistics in Tolkien s literary art, employing Gricean concepts in an analysis of The Lay of the Children of Hurin. And a quite timely essay presents a new interpretation of Tolkien s attitude toward the environment, especially in the character of Tom Bombadil. In sum, this volume covers new ground, and treads some well-worn paths; but here the well-worn path takes a new turn, taking not only scholars but general readers further into the complex and provocative world of Middle-earth, and beyond.

Middle Earth World in Conflict Middle Earth: A World in Conflict
Author: Stephan Miller
Tk Graphics

Magical Worlds of Lord of the Rings Magical Worlds of Lord of the Rings : Amazing Myths, Legends, and Facts Behind the Masterpiece
Author: David Colbert
ISBN: 0425187713

Visualizing Middle-Earth Visualizing Middle-Earth
Author: Michael Martinez
1st Edition
Oct 2000

Celebrating Middle-Earth Celebrating Middle-Earth: The Lord of the Rings As a Defense of Western Civilization
John G. West (Editor), Joseph Pearce, Peter Kreeft, Janet Leslie Blumberg, Kerry L. Dearborn
June 2002
Inkling Books
Paperback , 107pp
ISBN-13: 9781587420122
ISBN: 1587420120

Tolkien and His Literary Resonances J.R.R. Tolkien and His Literary Resonances: Views of Middle-Earth
Hardcover, 224 pages
Greenwood Press; First Edition
September 30, 2000
$110.00 US
ISBN-10: 0313308454
ISBN-13: 978-0313308451
Although Tolkien's literary works have, over the past few decades, attracted a considerable and varied body of criticism, much of this material is inaccessible, unreflective, and repetitive. Though various scholars have treated Tolkien's sources and his concept of fantasy, this study situates the author in a broad literary context that includes ancient metrical modes, medieval culture, Renaissance poetics, 19th-century social movements, and modern critical thought. Each chapter is written by an expert contributor and examines the literary resonances of Tolkien's works from a variety of informed perspectives.

Tolkien and His Literary Resonances J.R.R. Tolkien and His Literary Resonances: Views of Middle-Earth
George Clark (Editor), Daniel Timmons (Editor)
Hardcover, 213pp.
Greenwood Press (CT)
January 2000
ISBN: 0313308454
Although Tolkien's literary works have, over past few decades, attracted a considerable and varied body of criticism, much of this material is inaccessible, unreflective, and repetitive. Though various scholars have treated Tolkien's sources and his concept of fantasy, this study situates the author in a broad literary context that includes ancient metrical modes, medieval culture, Renaissance poetics, 19th-century social movements, and modern critical thought. Each chapter is written by an expert contributor and examines the literary resonances of Tolkien's works from a variety of informed perspectives